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Thread: Shipping container as Garage

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    Shipping container as Garage

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Brendon, i'm from Sydney Australia....and i don't really have a garage as such...

    I have moved in to a house and need a cheap garage.

    Just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with using a shipping container as a garage?? Since i couldnt find a shipping container forum i was hoping the experience on this board could help.

    My plan is to buy an ex-refridgerated 20ft container as it is lined with fibreglass and should remaining cooler in summer/warmer in winter.

    I have tried reversing the car in and it fits no problem, bit squashy but fine.

    Will the container provide good conditions for storing my car?? Temperatures reach 40degrees max in summer and about 5 degrees in winter.

    The house is opposite the ocean so my main concern is salt water/rust etc...would a container be too well sealed and make the car sweat??

    Any thoughts appreciated


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    Welcome. Brendon...

    Hmmm... no, I don't know, and... I don't know.

    Sounds pretty interesting though. Do you have a picture of it?
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    I think it would be ace. Go for it.

    The question is how much? Would it be just as cost effective to build one?

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    Here is a picture of what they look like.

    It will be freshly painted to match my house, delivered etc for about 3000AUD which is less than it would cost for a cement slab to start building a garage.

    The reason for the ex-refridgerated is that they are lined with either stainless or fibreglass on the inside to keep them cooler/warmer is extreme conditions.

    Because i don't know what i am doing with my 90 year old house yet i don't want to spend heaps of money on a garage that i have to pull down or modify if my plans with the house change.

    The other advantage is that i can re-sell the container when i am done with it so it won't cost that much at all really....

    My only concern is that because the container is so well sealed that it will damage my car with moisture?????? But i'm not sure hence the questions..

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    If your car fits I reckon it's ideal. Very secure more than anything. You can get those super long ones which would give you lots of space.

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    What about placing a dehumidifier in the container if the humidity seems to be a problem?

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    Hello Linden,

    Well im actually thinking about getting a i have zero idea about hudidity/moisture conditions etc i have raised the dehumidifier question on a dehumidifier forum and someone said i need a vent not a dehumidifier :S

    Im a bit confused....i think i will buy this $170AUD monitor that i can check the conditions (ie humidity, temp etc) of the container from my PC and then decide if and what power dehumidifier i need.

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    Thats true... you could probably cut vents... you'd need the right tools... but you could cut a couple of say 24in W x 8in H holes in that bad boy then affix some sort of vent from your home building store... similar to what we have on our houses for our dryers - just a different shape...

    That would probably do the trick no?

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    it probably will do the trick...would making vents allow salt air in the container which damages the car....or do i just have a salt/rust phobia

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    A good question - although all garage allow air in under the fascia / soffits thats what we are trying to simulate.. what do you think?

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